Travel Series

[Travel Series] What in your toiletry bag?

Twenty-five days and counting, that’s how many days are left until I embark on a trip of epic awesomeness.

Today it’s all about what is going in my travel bag. In some parts of the world (or maybe it is just the U.S.) a toiletry bag is called a Dopp Kit; Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl shared what is in her Dopp Kit, and it’s pretty extensive. I don’t know if I will pack that much, but here is a look in to my toiletry bag.

The bag everything will go in. It came with a suitcase I purchased a few years ago.

Hair products (L-R): Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Face Wash, hair spray, Pantene Detangler (for when I don’t use conditioner), Pantene Anti-Humidity leave-in creme, hair brush.

The Other Stuff (L-R, top to bottom): Facial Soap, Mouthwash (thinking of getting the travel size), toothpaste (mom and I will share since we both have sensitive teeth), toothbrush (actually from my dentist, this way my toothbrush can stay home).

Sunscreen, deodorant (two kinds, Secret and Secret Clinical strength – need that for the summer months), razor, tea tree oil, day moisturizer, night cream, shaving lotion, Q-tips.

The miscellaneous Stuff (L-R): Band-Aids, Blister stick, alcohol wipes, Nasonex (allergies), Polysporin, Benadryl, Anti-nausea tablets, Anti-bacterial Gel, tweezers

The Makeup Bag (L-R): Blemish remover stick, MAC lipstick in Faux (Nude color) and Creme De La Femme (dark pink), foundation sponges, Rimmel eyeshadow in Spices and Orion, eye pencil sharpener, Sephora Waterproof mascara in Very Black, MAC Kohl eyeliner in Smolder, MAC pressed powder, Rimmel blush. (Top of the picture) eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, powder brush, foundation brush, angled eyeshadow brush, eyelash curler, MUFE Pan Stick in Ivory, MUFE eyeshadow in #52.

My signature scents – Black Amethyst Body Spray from Bath & Body Works, Britney Spears Fantasy, hair dryer (I always take mine, can’t trust what’s on the wall!)

Everything fits neatly in to the bag!

It might seem like a lot of items, but really it’s not. I still have room in the bag for more, but nothing more will go in to it. The bag is light, and it contains everything that I typically take with me when I travel.

What do you take with you when you travel? Do you tend to take lots or are you a minimalist?


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