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[Travel Series] The List: Why it’s important to have one

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your destination after long travel hours, and now you’re ready to unpack and unwind. Your start unpacking your suitcases and bags, when that horrible sinking feeling comes over you….. you’ve left behind something of extreme importance.

It has all happened to us, but what if it’s something extremely important such as medication? You don’t want to be in another province, let alone another country, without medication that helps keep you alive.

Create a list.

It might sound overboard, and completely OCD, but trust me that little (or long) list is going to save you from a massive panic attack in your hotel room.

I wasn’t planning on starting a list until a couple of days before I embark on my trip, but a horrid dream last night prompted me to start one. (In the dream I forgot my cell phone charger and the mini surge bar I purchased)

Here is what I have written down so far:

Toilet paper? Yes, toilet paper. The rest areas I have been to are quite well-kept; however, there’s always an exception to that rule. You don’t want to be caught in a bathroom stall with no toilet paper. Trust me.

My list is pretty basic.

I wrote down the items that I forgot in my dream (it was horrifying); items that you do need – passport (how many of you forgot your travel documents?), money, and any medication you are prescribed.

Travel Tip: When traveling to any country, be sure to check out their drug laws. I’m not talking about illegal drugs, I’m talking about prescribed. When traveling to the U.S., you are only allowed up to three months of prescribed medication. A good tip to follow is if you have a large amount of prescribed medications, have your doctor write a letter outlining each drug you will have on your person and what it is for. My parents have done this, just to cover all the bases.

On my list, as you can see, I have also noted not to forget maps, GPS system and its accessories, my camera and batteries, and sunglasses (I usually don’t have them in the car). More will be added when I think of what other items should be written down; so far this seems pretty much it for now.

You should also have a list for items going in to your travel kit and your suitcase. How many of us have forgotten items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush; how about a bathing-suit (guilty as charged), underwear (I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has forgotten to pack this), or a pair of shorts for warm weather.

Overkill? No. Don’t be caught not remembering something important, or even something of less importance (eg: toothpaste – we can all go out and buy a tube when you get there, but admit it… we all freak out over it if it has been forgotten). If you have medication that you need to take, write it down! It’s really hard for a non-resident to get an emergency prescription… avoid it at all costs.

Be prepared!


3 thoughts on “[Travel Series] The List: Why it’s important to have one”

  1. I love love love lists! So, I don’t see a problem at all about this. When I would go to camp as a little girl, I would make my packing list out months ahead of time.

  2. Michelle, on my recent trip to the Black Hills, my sisters made a list of what we were all responsible for bringing. They also made a “menu” of dinner and breakfast items to have at the cabin. This menu listed specific meals, including the sides, but they did not plan each meal for specific days. It could not have worked out better!! The only things they didn’t have on their lists were things such as you have listed, but we each pretty much have always done that list for years anyways. The list you mention is extremely helpful and necessary also.

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