Nerd Alert: Studying statistics this summer, school in September comes soon.


Say that fast five times.

Being the proactive person that I am (me, proactive? Well 2010 is all about turning new leaves, sooooo….), I’ve checked out statistics for beginners books from the library.

I am getting serious about graduating next year.

I know I will more than likely will require a tutor this upcoming school year, but at least I’m getting the jump on being knowledgeable in statistics before the chaos starts.

I’ve failed this class twice (once my fault, the second… I blame the professor on that one) and I am determined to pass it the third time. If you look at it I’ve been in school for 24 years, this September, and I think it’s about time I’ve finish this cruise. I want my diploma, I want to work in forensics, and I want to finally put what I’ve learned the last 8 years to work.

Numbers and my brain does not mix. I’ve always sucked at math and when I get too many numbers in my brain, with gibberish…. I can instantaneously feel my brain turn to mush.

I just hope that this preparation pays off. If in a couple of weeks my blog entries start to make absolutely no sense at all, stats have turned my brain to mush. You’ve been forewarned.


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