Long Weekend Recap: Strippers, Fetishes, and Farmer’s Markets.

The title of this post may leave a few of you wondering what the heck I did over the weekend, but let me digress…. it did not involve strippers nor fetishes.

Friday was the last day of my summer job and I must say I had a blast. I met new people, learned new things, and gained so much experience to last me a life time. After work I headed to the grocery store to get items for the two weeks of meals I have created. I budgeted $90 for this trip, but somehow spent $106. Next payday I need to make sure it stays around my budgeted number. I spent the evening hibernating on the sofa thanks to a cold I picked up from work or either my sister; arming myself with orange juice, tea, and a comfy blanket (my preference are the fleece blankets from Ikea, I have every single color. They’re so comfortable.), I made sure that I gave my immune system some time to charge and fight the germs off.

Saturday was a busy, yet, very relaxing day. I started out the morning by visiting a local farmer’s market; have not been to one since I was a child, I needed to see what our great local farmer’s had for sale. I spent $28 and walked away with some great items, items which I am looking forward to eating for dinner.

The fare: beans, green peppers, cucumbers, kohlrabi, local organic quinoa, Saskatoon jam, pickled relish, homemade butter tarts.

The farmer’s market was followed up with a visit to my grandparents resting place. I’m not a fan of cemeteries, they’re just a place where bodies go after we leave this world. I like to remember my grandparents anywhere I go, and can talk to them in the comfort of my own home. I do however like to go from time to time, sit on the ground and talk to them. Cemeteries are so peaceful and quiet, a great place to reflect on things. This time I couldn’t sit on the ground, it was sopping went from the recent rains and sadly, some gravestones were underwater. Luckily, my grandparent’s headstones were spared.

I left the cemetery for a local sports injury clinic to pick up supplies for my dad and then off to the grocery store. Still feeling a little germy, I headed back home to rest. I ordered pizza and wings for my sister and I when my dad offered to pay for it.  We decided that if it’s just the two of us ordering pizza, we will order a small size which was absolutely perfect for us!

We had no plans to do anything later on that evening, but my cousin who is in from North Dakota for the weekend, called to see if we wanted to go out for coffee. It was the best decision we have made because we had the most amazing time. After picking us up we drove to Tim Hortons to grab coffee and tea, then headed to my favorite place to be – The Forks Market. It was very well closed by the time we got there, but we sat close to the river and talked for nearly three hours. This is where part of the title of this blog post comes in – strippers and fetishes. I don’t know how we got on the subject, but I told them that I’ve never been to a strip club and never will. It’s not my thing. We shared a ton of laughs until our sides hurt; with the last two weeks being semi-stressful, and my sister experiencing a crappy August, it was something that the three of us really needed.

Sunday I headed to the mall to pick up my mother’s birthday gift and purchased some items for myself. There’s a great store that is dedicated to tea – DAVIDsTEA – and it has become my new favorite place to be. It’s all about loose tea and different kinds of it, an entire wall, along with many accessories for you to enjoy the tea. A trip to Costco was next, followed by a stop at Tim Hortons (Tim Bits are my favorite), and off to Wal-Mart. Until I receive my student loans for the year I needed just a notebook and White-Out to get me through the first two weeks. Of course when you’re at Wal-Mart you usually buy something you don’t need and this time I purchased season two of Mad Men. I love this show. Seriously.

Monday was just a day to lounge around and do absolutely nothing. Sunday felt like an extra Saturday, so it’s nice to sit around the house on a Monday not worrying about being late for work. It’s also nice to turn on the television and watch Maury Povich, talk shows, and soaps all day long.

Long weekends…. I love you.


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