Never forget

Courtesy of Washington Post

They may be gone, but they will not be forgotten.

I remember where I was, I remember what I was thinking. It replays in my head over and over again, in slow motion just like it seemed on that day.

Our freedom might have been tested, but it will not waver.

Never forget, always remember.

September 11, 2001

Here is a poem that I wrote on September 11, 2004 to remember that day:

Two buildings, glorious in their might,
Beautiful and boundless,
So high, the mighty giants,
In the blink of an eye,
Both are gone, stand nothing.

The perfect painted pictures,
Erased from the canvas.

A day not to be forgotten.
Hearts broken, lives, loves lost.
Freedom stolen for a brief moment.
Uncertainty, lingers as we cry.

Hearts shattered, fear endures, hope so far away.
People crying out. To frozen to move.

Picking up the pieces.

Memories that last for a life time,
Remembering what was,
Remembering what always will be.

Mending Hearts.
Calming Fears.
Nations, Countries together as one.
Brothers and sisters, yes we are one.

Living, loving, overcoming.

Courage. Bravery, Freedom.



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