Weekend Recap: Street hockey, great food, and cute dogs.

I can mark this weekend as another successful and well enjoyed weekend. Two in a row and it’s pretty amazing! I think from now on all my weekends need to be like these, they’re just pretty amazing.

Friday was the first day of school and by the time I got home, man was I wiped. I truly forgot what it was like to be a student, including all the walking that I would have to do. In years past I tried to get all my classes in one building close to the bus stops, but this time I couldn’t do it. After I got home I ran a few errands and then came back to make dinner. It was my mom’s birthday and she wanted breakfast for dinner so I made Belgian waffles with cherry pie filling and whip cream, eggs, hashbrowns and ham. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing, I sure did need it after all that walking!

Saturday This had to be the best day of the weekend because for the first time in twenty years, I got to see kids of all ages playing street hockey on our block. We all gathered outside for a beautiful afternoon, and watching those little kids play tugged at my heartstrings. It brought back so many wonderful memories!

Yes there are two goalies, that's how we roll.

Later that evening we gathered at one of my favorite restaurants – The Keg – for my mom’s birthday dinner. My mom’s best friend and her husband joined us along with my dad’s cousin and aunt. The food was pretty darn amazing, but I think the company was even better.

What to eat, what to eat?
Delicious jumbo shrimp to kick of dinner
Winner, winner steak dinner.

Sunday The first annual Manitoba Pet Expo was on my list. My sister and I attended and found some ridiculously cute items, practical items (a food dish stand), and finally someone who makes dog treats without chicken in it! Our dog has a chicken allergy and it is very hard for us to find treats that do not contain chicken; that lady now has a new customer!

St John's Ambulance Therapy Dogs

After the pet expo, I was on a mission… a mission to find a zip-up hoodie. I need just a simple one to wear while on campus and one in class, one that won’t make me boil to death, but keep me toasty when it’s freezing. Wal-Mart… nope. Zellers, yes but I paid $39 for it because all that was left was from Alfred Sung.

It was a terrific weekend and now it’s time for school Monday. I still don’t have money for textbooks, student loans are still taking forever, but at least I’ll be able to buy them on Friday when it’s payday.


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