The Pet Peeves of a University Student


I pay top dollar for a good education and I think I should get a bang for each buck I spend – I show up to class, pay attention, take notes, study, use office hours properly when I need help from a professor, and spend as much time on campus as I can. Being a university comes many challenges – too many assignments, exams or tests on the same day as other exams or tests, and deadlines just to name a few. University students also have pet peeves, some big and some small, but we all have them and they’re pretty school specific. I thought I would create a list with universal university/college pet-peeves… holler if you feel the same way.

  1. High priced textbooks. One year my dad paid for my books as student loans took forever in getting the money to me. He nearly had a coronary in the middle of the book store – $980. It didn’t help that a good chunk of the books were the new editions, and that the bookstore didn’t have many used books to buy.
  2. Buying textbooks and then never using them. I had a few classes where I had to buy textbooks and then never used them. Canadian History was one of them and all we used was about five pages from the text and that was it. Should have just photocopied what we needed and handed them out. Could have saved me a couple of bucks.
  3. Talking in class. What are we… in high school? I don’t think so. Gossiping while in class should be put off until it’s over. I don’t want to hear about your sexual escapades you engaged in over the weekend, the chocolate cupcake you fell in love with, or the douche that tried to pick you up from the bar. I’m here to learn, and I can’t stand it when people talk. Which brings me to my next point.
  4. Texting while in class. Now this is completely different from using your computer to write notes. You can’t tell me that you’re writing your notes in your Blackberry. Not going to pass that lie detector test. I’m also tired of hearing the vibrating setting go off every five seconds, because you’re texting your BFF. It’s more distracting than typing on your laptop. That I can handle.
  5. High price of food in the cafeterias. There are some days when I don’t feel like bringing my lunch and now my campus has new food choices, I actually like eating at school. On my first day I stopped by the organic bison burger hut and ordered a bison burger with fries. Including a bottle of pop my entire bill came out to $12.50. What the…. Can you imagine eating out every day? On our campus you’re allowed to by meal cards even if you’re not living in the dorms, they’re called top-up cards and you can use them at any food/drink place on campus. It’s almost like a gift card, I think I’m going to buy one so I have money for coffee or a snack.
  6. Beer tent during Orientation Week. This one really makes me angry. College (binge) drinking continues to rise at any college/university campus across North America. I know the drinking choice is up to the individual, but I think campuses should be smart and limit drinking to the restaurants on campus if available. The limit was two per person, but a lot of these students drive to and from campus. Totally wrong.
  7. Chatter in the library. Just shut up, especially when people are trying to study. Just like in class, I don’t want to hear about your weekend. That is what the quad is for, Tim Hortons on Campus, or the College Centre. I’m trying to study (as is hundreds of other students), and I don’t need to hear your voice in my head!

It might seem like a lot of complaints, but I’m pretty sure university/college students can agree with me. Shut up in class, save the texts for later, and don’t over charge me on text books.

What were/are your pet-peeves as a university/college students? Are they the same as mine, or do you have more to add to the list?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wendy says:

    teeny boppers who are there to socialize and find boyfriends

    1. Ugh! That happened the other day during lecture and I nearly reached over to slap the two.

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