[School Series] Keeping sane while trying to be a studious student

I’m going to be the first to admit that I spent way too much time trying to be a perfect student, and in the end not only did I suffer but my friendships suffered. I cut off ties, albeit temporarily, with all my friends, forcing myself to keep my nose in the books and be the best student that anyone has ever seen.

I was wrong. Boy was I wrong.

This year I made some amazingly new friends and I realized that I’ve been a real douche in the past to any friend, I didn’t want to even think of jeopardizing the new ones. And I’m not going to.

I’m also not going to let my life, outside of being a student, suffer either.

I think the reason I burned out was because I didn’t spend time with friends, nor did I do anything outside of school. I was so consumed with being a student, that I couldn’t break the shell I was living in. In a way I was punishing myself and that was wrong. I try too hard to be perfect and I’m still trying to break it. When you’ve lived most of your life overachieving and trying to be perfect for everybody and in everything, you feel like your whole world will come crashing down when you try to stop it.

So I have made a decision, a huge decision that I need to start living by. If I break it, please give me a swift kick in the rear and I know that a few of my friends (you know who you are), will gladly do it.

This is my plan:

  1. Make time for my friends. I’m going to  break from over-studying and hang out with my friends. Coffee, lunch, shopping (or even window shopping) at the mall…. this is going to happen.
  2. Do something that has nothing to do with school. I have tons of scrapbooking to do and have had no time (didn’t even make time) to do it this summer. I still need to get started on my travel scrapbook from my summer vacation and I even need to start my high school/graduation scrapbook. It also doesn’t have to be scrapbooking/crafting all the time – I want to bake more, I want to watch more movies.
  3. Spend more time with the family. Unfortunately this also suffered. I shut out my family and it hurt. My family means a lot to me and this time around I can’t let them suffer at my hands of overachieving. Watching movies every Saturday night, even watching COPS (it’s our family tradition); watching the Real Housewives of… series with my sister, and hanging out with extended family.  I really miss having bi-weekly lunches at my aunt’s house with a cousin. This has to be a must on my must do list.
  4. Being a broke student doesn’t mean I can’t do things. I used this excuse, and used it a lot. I’m starting to find that I can do a lot of things for free, and I am hoping that I can do this more often.
  5. While being a good student and finishing my last year is a must, I must quit being an overachiever. I need to stop being so hard on myself and focus on just being me. I’m not perfect, we’re not perfect. Putting pressure on yourself is a slow suicide. And with that being said…..
  6. Just breathe. I think this is something we all need to keep in mind.

I like being a student. I like learning new things, but I also like keeping my sanity. I like having all my marbles neatly packed in a nice little bag, so I don’t plan on losing them any time soon.