Remember when my car died two weeks ago and I found the ignition fuse burnt?

Well my car spazzed out this afternoon and now it’s in the shop for a while. I turned it on and it made a loud screeching sound. I knew it was the sound the starter makes when it’s about to die, so I turned it off. But then the car suddenly became possessed and tried to start while in the off position WITH THE KEY OUT!

Look ma! I can do magic on my car!

I had it towed to the mechanic and my uncle turned it on and tried to shut it off… it tried to start-up again, but this time wouldn’t stop. He had to disconnect the battery supply in order for it to stop.

It’s going to get fixed. Not sure how long it’s out of commission for. I’m using my dad’s car for now, so I won’t be going out much until my car is fixed. I’ll also be taking the bus to school instead of driving.

I hate it when my car is out. It’s frustrating.


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