30 Days of Me: Day 9

Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Standing up for myself and fighting for what I believe in. I found out there’s a cap on student aid and how long you are entitled to receiving aid. I was completely unaware of this, it’s actually something a lot of applicants have no idea about.

I don’t think I am ever entitled to money or any kind of aid, but I think I should be at least have access to it when I need it. I was unemployed for most of this year, I had no way of coming up with close to $3000 to pay for tuition myself.

I also felt I was being slighted for something that happened back in 2005. I gathered evidence, sent it along with the appeal letter, and it turns out I was actually correct. I can’t stand when people can’t read or pay attention to something they’re doing.

This has been my accomplishment. Now I’m just waiting for the outcome!


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