Good News Tuesday: Appeal APPROVED!


I’ve got excellent news readers – my appeal for student aid has been approved! I’ll receive the documents this week and will have the money by next week!

I am really, really happy. The last few weeks have been stressful; wondering if the appeal would go my way, or if I would have to find other means to pay for the tuition. It was difficult to focus on school work, contemplated talking to teachers about assignments due and talk to the university about deferring costs to see if they could allow me to pay monthly.

I didn’t think it was fair. I was being penalized for one year when they said I wouldn’t; I had no idea about a cap on how much aid you can receive [how many of you student aid recipients knew that?], and I think that when they printed two confirmation sheets that you would think someone read the file properly.

I am very thankful that the appeal committee appealed my case. I was finally nearing the end of that proverbial tunnel and now that light is even clearer.


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