Blog Break

I’ve decided to take a blogging break for this week, and I need it terribly. I have a two-part midterm (part one was today) to conclude on Wednesday, followed by another midterm on Friday.

I’m part exhausted and part out-of-it from all this studying, I should have figured my last year would be busy. I was able to get out this weekend and meet with friends – coffee with Kyla, and then a wonderful birthday dinner for another friend. It was like a mini high school reunion and it was filled with great conversation, much laughter, and many memories discussed. I’m not doing anything this week, except more studying, putting social events on the shelf until the weekend and the following weekend.

There will also be some changes here at the blog. It will undergo a redesign and a name change. There are too many “Northern Belle’s” out here in blogland, so I’ve come up with something different. I am getting some help from a very talented friend who knows more about blog design than I do, which is a great help to me. I am very excited about the upcoming changes and hope that you will like it too!


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