I am finally looking forward to this weekend, after last week…. ugh. Major crap when down in the city and it’s put nearly every one of us on edge. Scary stuff.

This past week was pretty busy. I had a meeting with the bank about getting a small loan (declined), then it turned to talk about giving me overdraft (declined). The money issues were all worked on this week and I am really thankful for the help.

Sunday evening I cleaned up the basement, moved boxes and furniture, cleaned out the baseboard heaters to prepare for the cold weather. One side of the basement livingroom looks fantastic! I moved my sofa over and now there’s more room to sit… it looks great!

School has also been pretty busy with another midterm, the last for at least a few weeks. Still disappointed about failing the first two, I’m still patiently waiting for the results from my history midterm. I’ll find out about that next week.

I went to work on Tuesday, found out that they’ll need me a lot more probably next week or the week after. This is good because I need the money. I have also applied for some weekend jobs and I hope I hear something back from someone.

Yesterday was our voting day for a new mayor, new city council members and new school trustees. Mayor Sam Katz won again, blowing his opponent out of the water with 116,176 votes compared to Judy’s 90,717 votes. I must say, it was a great race this time around; however, voter turn out was still low – 48%. Come on Winnipeg, we can do better. Most people blamed it on the weather; we experienced a super intense low pressure system that created a hurricane like system over the province – lots of rain and lots of wind. I nearly was blown over. Seriously people? The weather? Someone commented on Twitter last night that horrible weather cannot stop people from buying beer and cigarettes, so why should it stop people from getting out to vote?

This weekend is going to be filled with fun, food and relaxation. Tomorrow I don’t plan on doing anything. Seriously. I think I’m just going to lie around and not do a darn thing. The last few weekends were dedicated to studying for midterms, I think I deserve a weekend of rotting on the couch.

Sunday, however, will be awesome. We don’t plan on handing out candy again this year, but we are buying some for ourselves. My sister and me will be watching Halloween in the basement, with the lights off (it’s the only way to enjoy that series!). My mom will more than likely be watching ghost hunting shows, in the dark (perhaps). Sunday afternoon I’m going to be hanging with my three favorite people in this world – L.L., Kyla, and Vanessa, devouring cake and coffee.

Cheers to the weekend and be safe this Halloween!


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