Weekend Wonderland: Snow, snow, and birthday shopping!

It’s been a snowy weekend. The snow started late Thursday evening and continued well in to Friday afternoon. I trekked to school in a mini-blizzard, and there was white out conditions.

I spent Saturday running errands with my dad – renewing his license, grocery shopping, and buying a new battery for the phone. I didn’t do much after that, just relaxing. Saturday evening was such a relaxing night…. it was well deserved.

Sunday was another great day. It snowed again and my sister and me ventured out in to the bad driving conditions to get to the mall. Our parents gave us birthday money, so we decided it was time to do some birthday shopping! We enjoyed a great lunch at Opa!, went to Sephora to get our birthday gift, I bought a monster candy apple (my yearly birthday gift to self), necklace and OPI nailpolish. It was a fun day.

Next weekend is my birthday weekend and I have already purchased wine for that weekend. I have birthday cake plans with the girls! Yay for birthday cake!


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