Fill in the blank Friday…. on Saturday!

1. Holiday spirit… has taken a little longer to hit me since my grandmother died two years ago. We bought a real tree this year and it’s starting to feel like the Christmases when I was little.

2. The holidays are incomplete without… my family, Starbucks Red Cup, Christmas music and a real tree.

3. My favorite thing to do around the holiday is… craft Christmas stuff, wrap presents, listening to Christmas music and have the fireplace on the television.

4. A holiday tradition my family and I have is… watching the Disney Christmas Day Parade. We’ve watched it since I was little.

5. Holiday music is… only necessary a week or two before Christmas. End of November is way too early. It’s also necessary when wrapping gifts, baking, or when you have guests over.

6. This year, I’ll be spending the holidays… at home like always but it’s going to be low key – just my parents, sister and me.

7. Holiday wishlist… iHome clock radio, Sephora gift card, Nikon DSLR, all seasons of Dexter on DVD and my family to have a wonderful low-key Christmas.


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