The drama train continues: Thanks student aid for screwing up everything.


Remember when I dropped the geography class because I failing? Remember when I said that if I continued with it and failed it that I would be kicked out for two years and would have to start over again? Now I’m being punished for that. Student aid took away my funding and making me apply as a part-time student.

In order to be a full-time student you must have three courses a term; now they said you have to pass 60% each term to be considered with funding (back in October they said 60% A YEAR, now… which is it?); because I decided to make a responsible decision, I now have to either reapply for student aid or pay for tuition myself. If I can’t come up with the tuition by January 8th, I have to drop out.

I am not reapplying with student aid. I would have to reapply AND give them another appeal letter because of all that drama that went on in October.

Forget it. I’ve had enough with student aid, I’m not fighting with them and I am not depending on them anymore.

I’m going to find that $1500 myself. Starting today, I’m applying for another part-time job. I’m going to the university to talk to them about if there is anything they can do to help with deferring payments.

I don’t want to give up. I’m nearly done. I’m just tired of all this crap.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Oh, man. Student aid is such a bitch to deal with. Good luck with everything!

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