Starbucks introduces new changes for the future


There she is folks… the new Starbucks logo. Starbucks is celebrating its 40th anniversary and with its celebrations comes the announcement of a  new logo being introduced this spring. Since 1971 the Siren has always been recognized as the Starbucks brand; sitting pretty on their white paper cups, she gets a long-awaited makeover that brings her up close and personal.


Starbucks cups in the last 40 years


Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, announced in a video today that starting this Spring the cup will get a fresh new look by bringing the Siren out of the circle and placing her in front for all to see. The cup is a sleek new modern design that is easy on the eyes and very appealing. I love this new cup!

The Starbucks website also announced that along with its anniversary celebration more will be revealed in the upcoming months.

I’m looking forward to the new take home mugs and other drinkware.  I’ve had many cups in my collection for years and with this new logo, the siren will sit pretty on my coffee mug shelf!


What do you think of the new logo and cup design? Love it? Hate it? What’s your favorite Starbucks beverage?


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