Student Aid Part Trois: Waiting game


I talked to the financial aid/award office at the university today and the talk actually made me feel so relieved. She told me that 95% of all calls today to the office were about the same issues I had. She told me it sucks that the university had to change its policy and now that a good chunk of students are being punished for it.

Good news. I can still stay in school. However, I will collect late fees and if they go over $90, which they will I cannot access student services such as campus library, online course databases (which most of my classes use to upload notes, assignments, etc) as my student account will be put on hold. I will have to talk to my professors to see if I can get a copy of the textbook or if someone can photocopy them for me and get assignments early AND tell them to use a different email to contact me.

I’m relieved. So relieved. Now I just need to wait on student aid to approve and process my application. Stupid university. I know you have to change policies, but do you seriously have to change course load policies and put hundreds of us in spots like this?

But the day isn’t all that bad… My sister and I just found a channel that airs “Whose Line is It Anyway”!! My day became 100 times better!


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