Welcome to Canada Tarrrjaaayyy!

After a year of speculation Target has announced that it will be purchasing the Zellers ($1.83 billion takeover) brand and replacing 220 Zellers stores with the recognizable bull’s-eye brand. Target hopes to have 100 to 150 stores up by 2014 according to Winnipeg Free Press.

Debate has already begun with a select few complaining that it’s just another American store taking away a piece of Canadiana. Hudson’s Bay Company was already purchased by an American company a few years ago. HBC items were becoming to expensive… I never shopped at The Bay or Eaton’s because I couldn’t afford it. Zellers stores are dirty and disorganized with merchandise thrown about the store, employees are not helpful, customer service sucks and the stores don’t really offer much selection.

The only thing I hope Target doesn’t shy on are the prices. Canadian’s love Target because everything is affordable. I have yet to walk in to a Target store where I couldn’t buy anything. Remember, you walk in a Target to buy one item and you walk out with $250 worth of stuff. It’s great. Not only prices, but Target brand. If Target keeps the Zellers clothing brand and doesn’t bring in Archer Farms then it’s not really Target, just Zellers with the Target logo.

2013 is going to be a great retail year for Winnipeg. Not only is Target coming, but our Ikea store will finally be here. CHEAP CRAP… HERE I COME!

With Target coming to Canada, I’m campainging to get the following American businesses to come here as well:

iHop (puts Perkin’s to shame)
Sonic (just for their Limeades)
Kohl’s (Where else can I get large bath towels for $3.99)
Golden Corral (it might be a fat person paradise, but it’s good)
Harry & David (gourmet food items for great prices)
Fuddruckers (Winnipeg, remember that?)


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  1. Wendy says:

    I cannot wait!! I hope they bring chobani and fage greek yogurt to their stores.

    1. Yes! I can`t wait for the Archer Farms line.

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