It’s Friday, stay warm!


It’s cold out there (January is typically our coldest month of the year). I’m spending my Friday curled up in a blanket on the sofa watching television, so warm!

After seeing many videos on YouTube of people with cups of hot water and tossing it into frigid air, we decided to try it out. We’re big science geeks so it was pretty neat to try out.

This weekend is all about R&R. I’m finally feeling better from being sick for so long that I’m going to enjoy this weekend, instead of being holed up on the sofa feeling like death warmed over. Even if it is sitting on the sofa watching movies, this time I’m not on the sofa sick!

Bundle up and stay warm!


One Comment Add yours

  1. disturbedprincess says:

    Aww I wanted to try that so bad but I had to go to school, it was -29 and it was soo cold!!!

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