Fill in the Blank FRIDAY!

TGIF! Seriously. It’s been quite the week – my dog had minor surgery, I had lots of school work to do and today I had to contend with a lot of snow while going to and from school. This weekend I intended to get a lot done, especially a hair cut/color, but that’s out of the picture – I need the money for a chiropractor session on Monday. Saturday will be dedicated to some minor grocery shopping and cookie baking for a cookie exchange I’m participating in on Sunday. Sunday I will also spend some time studying for a test on Monday.

So until Monday, here’s Fill the Blank Friday!

1. If my house was on fire and I could only grab 3 things I would grab… I have no clue. I have dreams about this and even in my dreams I’m making a mad dash around the house to save things.

2. A smell I really like is freshly baking bread. Before my neighbors moved, she would make homemade bread all the time. I was always over there eating bread (and pasta, they’re Italian and Spanish) and it was a smell that is etched to my brain for the rest of my life.

3. Something you might not know about me is… I was a child model. I was even in a national store’s flyer.

4. Some of my favorite websites to putter about on are…. blogs. I have too many to list! Well actually they’re all over in the left side bar!

5. This weekend I will… see above. I kinda gave it away already.

6. Nothing makes me happier than…. curling up on the couch watching movies with my family; my dog coming in to my room in the morning to see if I’m awake.

7. A bad habit I have is… cursing too much. I’m trying my hardest to stop. I hate curse words, but always find myself doing it.

Happy Weekend everyone!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angelica says:

    #3 – really neat!!!
    #7 – me too! Have you ever watched the show Dexter? I have a potty mouth like Debra Morgan, just not as bad.

    Cute blog!


  2. Okay I had a headache just reading all the things you did this weekend! Busy busy gal. Anyway, I drop by seeing your comment on my blog, and wow, I was pleasantly surprise to see my button on your sidebar. Really. SWEET. Thank you so much! Truly, shocked and thankful. :D Have a great week Michelle!

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