Weekend Recap: C is for cookies, cold and more cooookies!


By the time you read this I am probably recovering from a cookie coma. Yes, you read that right… a cookie coma!

Friday was a pretty quiet night. It was also very exhausting. Another snow storm plowed through the city and I left school early so I could make it home and not sit through another two hour commute home like I did one day December. After I got home I put on my lazy clothes (comfy work out pants and a comfy t-shirt) and veged on the sofa for the rest of the night. I was tired, a tad cold and did not feel like doing much. I must have been exhausted because I don’t remember falling asleep when I finally got in to bed around 11…. I just remember climbing in to bed and then it goes blank from there.

Saturday I ventured to the grocery store with my sister. Before we headed to the grocery store I swung in to Michael’s to buy bags for my cookies. I scored big on this trip. My sister found Valentine bags on sale for $1.29 and I found Valentine cards for $1.29 that I’m sending to my friends. Shopping at the grocery store was chaotic; spending 30 minutes in the check-out line and my back was killing me from standing that long.

Sunday was cookie day! Before cookies I had to finish a class assignment and study for a test, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the cookie exchange. I love cookies. Cookie Monster and me could be BFF’s! I made biscotti, but I ran in to one problem – they didn’t turn out biscotti-esque. They were bite sized biscotti and I don’t think they were as hard as they should have been. I’ve made this exact recipe twice before, but this time… something went wrong.

Cookie lovers….

The cookie haul.

As soon as I came home I devoured a few. A few = 6. My family sampled a few as well. The cookies I’ve had so far are really, really good. A talented bunch they are. I cannot say no to cookies. Cannot. Say. No.

Now it’s Monday and I’m relaxing after a long day at school. I had a great chiropractic session afterwards and well… I definitely needed it. I feel so great! Tomorrow is the grad photo session. So excited!


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