Graduation Countdown: Three months to go!


Today marks the three month mark until I graduate. May 1 is when I will be walking across the stage after six years of dedication and hard work, to receive my diploma. On May 1 I will finally have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology.

Today was also graduation photo days. I donned a cap and gown for the first time in 10 years and it was surreal. The cap and gown made it all real – I’m finally graduating! I’m going to be a graduate! I put on the gown and then the cap… when the cap went on I nearly cried. Years of hard work finally came down to this… just a few months and it will be done!

In two to four weeks I’ll get my proofs and then I’ll send them off with a payment. I’m only ordering a few because if it’s anything like my high school graduation photos, the packages will be super expensive.

I am so excited. So proud.


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  1. Wendy says:

    it feels good eh?

    The Aboriginal Centre at the U of M has a Graduation Pow Wow and Feast to honour the graduates as well, you should check it out. First Sat in May.

    1. Thanks Wendy for the information. I will have to talk to them about it. I know my mom would love me to attend.

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