I’m turning in to a crazy coupon lady and I don’t care!

Did you happen to catch it on TLC? “Extreme Couponing” followed a few people who are addicted to coupons (with an underlying obsessive compulsive disorder) and buy a lot of sh*t with said coupons. At the check out their bill is either $0 or under $30… with the bill originally worth hundreds of dollars (I kid you not).

I now want to be a crazy coupon lady, without dumpster diving for them. Problem is, Canada doesn’t have coupons like America does (Superstore took away the coupon board! MAD!) I’ve used Coupons.com when grocery shopping in the U.S., but unfortunately we’ve only got sites such as Save.ca and P&G Brand Saver. I’m starting to use sites such as Groupon and Team Buy to afford things like eating out and entertainment; any way I can save on groceries, entertainment or dining out… I am so on it.

Since watching this show my sister and I have been scouring newspapers, flyers, and newspaper inserts (sometimes coupon books) for good deals. So far, we’ve found good deals. These coupons are especially great when used in conjunction with store sales. Last month I bought Dawn dish soap (the super large bottle) for 98 cents, on sale for $1.98 and the coupon saved me $1.Saturday was the mother of all coupons. While I didn’t buy my groceries for $2, I bought four deodorants for 92 cents. Yes, FOUR FOR 92 CENTS! How? Superstore had a sale on Secret Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant for $1.97 each. I had a coupon for $7 off Secret deodorant/Anti-Perspirant if you buy three. I bought four at $7.92 minus the $7.00 coupon and BAM… four deodorant for 92 cents! The checkout clerk was looking over that coupon like a hawk. I’ve been finding that a lot lately. Safeway tried to refuse our P&G coupon for hair gel because they thought it was a Shoppers Drug-Mart coupon when it was a P&G manufacturer coupon (straight from Herbal Essence via P&G). Shaving gel at Superstore is $1.98 and I have a $1.00 coupon; I’ll have to go back because I forgot to pick some up.

When you don’t have a lot of money and things are tight, it’s always great to be able to save somewhere be it groceries, dining out, entertainment or personal hygiene items. Couponing is my new hobby.

Do you use coupons? What are your favorite coupons to use? What is the lowest grocery bill you’ve had to pay after using coupons?

Coupon sharing websites such as Coupons by Answers.com are great for people like me who want to save and coupon as much as one can. At Coupons by Answers.com you can search their site to find the coupons you want without having to browse other websites for hours on end. The best part is that the most popular coupons and stores are front and center….. Saving you time to help you save money.


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  1. Shenanigans says:

    I do this too!
    Walmart had Gilette and Satin Care shaving gel (with a 20% bonus) advertised at $3.17, but when I scanned it, it came up as $2 each. I used the Buy 3, Save $7 to get 3 Satin Care, a Buy 3, Save $5 for the Gillette and a Buy 1, Save $1 for another Satin Care – 7 cans of shaving cream for under $2 after tax.
    Sobey’s had Secret Deodorant on for $2, and I used a Buy 1, Save $1 and a Buy 3, Save $5 to get 4 deodorants for $2.
    It’s a good feeling when you get save that kind of money!

    As for group purchasing, I use Groupon, Dealfind, Social Living and WagJag. Coupon sites – save.ca, websaver.ca, brandsaver.ca and gocoupons.ca. I also belong to Smarts Canucks as they have an excellent forum about Canadian coupons and the members set up in person coupon swaps and trading by mail. Anytime I go to the store, I keep an eye out for manufacturers’ coupons on shelves and take a few extra, even if I don’t plan on buying that item that day.
    Did you know London Drugs allows coupon stacking if the bar codes on the coupons are different?

    1. That is awesome. Seriously. My closet is stocked with deodorant now. LOL.

      I did not know that London Drugs did that! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Kelly Smith says:

    Your 100% right, I remember when we use to get coupons in the mail. And now since harder times, a growing hungry family and hydro that is through the roof – I too am disappointed that we don’t get coupons in the flyers like the States. I have also found that alot of times when I’m using coupons the cashiers either try to give me a hard time or 5-10 times need the manager to see the coupon (wtf) I don’t care, I need the savings. So good luck to all of us and congrats on all your deorderant. :)


  3. Joanne Thornhill says:

    I am so into coupons , it is CRAZY!!!!! I love saving money due to the fact our income has suffered lately. I can’t afford to pay full price but Canada is not on board with coupons and helping us save on everyday needs. I wish this would change so we could all feel like we are getting ahead instead of falling into financial challenges.
    Hey… maybe we need to take this couponing further!!!! I can’t find many coupon sites and this is frustrating!!!! Please help me with more places to turn.

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