Look ma, no cavities!

I love going to the dentist. I always have. I’ve had the same dentist since I was three. She’s great. For me having a regular dental appointment is like having a regular manicure/pedicure; the teeth feel squeaky clean and you get that refreshed feeling. I’m fortunate to be able to visit the dentist regularly, with dental coverage, where some people do not. I think that dental health is an important role in maintaining overall health.

I’m 28 and I have not had one single cavity. Ever. The only dental work I had done was when I was 8 and required orthodontic spacer for the bottom teeth.  I also still have one baby tooth. The adult tooth is stuck in the gum and my dentist said the only way it will come out is surgically. It doesn’t cause problems except for when I have a bad sinus infection or cold… it gets sore and I can’t chew well. I could have kept my wisdom teeth as I had plenty of room (and they were straight), but one became infected around the gum-line and they wouldn’t erupt – they kept going up and going down (cause of the infection).

I go on Saturday’s because it works well with my schedule. I found out today that my dentist no longer works Saturday’s, but there’s a doctor in her place. He came in to inspect my teeth and was really impressed, “You have amazing teeth. No cavities, no fillings. I’m impressed.”

I’ve always been proud of my teeth. My mom had crooked teeth, cavities and had to have braces at 27 (I do have one trait of my mom – the tooth that is still in gum and won’t erupt lays across, my mom had the same tooth issue, but her’s came out); my sister has a few crooked teeth and cavities; my dad also has cavities.

I have to be honest. I don’t brush my teeth as frequently as you soon. I know, it’s disgusting but I still brush (once as day or ever other day), floss and use Listerine (they’re never fuzzy). “How in the hell do you not have cavities?!” One might ask. I have no clue. I think of it this way… it’s like washing your hands too much, you kill the good germs. I like to think that over brushing kills the good germs. Perhaps it’s because I had my adult teeth sealed when they all came in. I don’t know. But here’s the good thing, I am starting to brush my teeth more frequently… I love how my teeth look when they’re bright white.

Speaking of teeth, check out this hilarious video that was on Ellen this past week. I wish Ellen could show up to my dental appointments!


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