Well, kind of.

Today was my second follow-up for my arm and the bone chip is still there. A specialist was also brought in to assess the arm further. He came up with another downer – the cartilage is damaged and the muscles, tendons and bones can’t glide over them properly, hence the additional pain.

Good news. I can take my cast off when I’m at home. He wants me to start exercising the hand to allow better blood flow and to allow the muscles and tendons to work. Downside. I have to wear it at night (so I don’t roll on to my arm and hurt it more) and when I go outside (it’s slippery now that the snow is melting), on the bus, etc. I’m also not allowed to push or pull with the hand for now, it needs more healing time.

I do go back in two weeks for another follow-up. We both home that the range of motion will improve greatly and that the chip will be healed (it’s getting closer to the arm bone). He wants to put off surgery for as long as he can, but he said it might be necessary if it doesn’t get better.

I’m also looking forward to a manicure in three weeks! My left hand especially needs some TLC and I need a callous removed that was a result of the cast rubbing on my hand.

Now I can start scrubbing my hand to rid of this cast smell. Pew.


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