5 days for homelessness


Scott Angus, Carly McGregor, Brittany Livingstone, Matthew Sieben and Gabriela Rosales (not pictures) are participating in something that we wouldn’t think of doing – for five days they are homeless. For five days they are living on campus in a cardboard hut, only eating items donated, and not showering to raise awareness about homelessness. So far they have raised $11,633.33 for RaY (Resource Assistance for Youth).

Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY) is a non-profit street-level agency working with street-entrenched and homeless youth up to the age of 29.  RaY is non-judgmental and non-partisan, employing a harm reduction approach to all interactions with youth in need.

RaY’s Mission: To provide youth with what they need, on their terms, to better their lives.

Not only were they raising awareness and fundraising, you could also stop and chat, they’d talk about why they’re doing this and what RaY is about. From my observations, the university population has been very receptive to this initiative. I’ve seen fellow students bring them food, coffee, donuts; donating every day essentials and money. Yesterday afternoon a barbecue was held to help raise more money for RaY. Hot dogs, smokies and burgers were available, the smell was wonderful… the smell charred meat products filled the air making everyone long for the days where we can barbecue all the time. Students lined up for the grub and helped out a good cause.

Congratulations to the group for the amount of money they have raised during the 5 day objective. I hope that those who helped contribute will continue to help the city and various programs who help combat homelessness continue their mission. Anybody can become homeless. It’s only a paycheque away.


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