Home renos… complete!

The home renovations were finally complete last month. I would have blogged about it then but, yeah, that pesky broken arm got in the way. I am so happy with how the renovations went, the bathroom turned out so well and my dad finally has part of his freedom back! He can now get in and out of the shower without fear of tripping over the bathtub (not to mention is handy-dandy chair lift that takes him from the main floor to the second). The contractor did an amazing job and really made that bathroom look great. I must give my sister and I a hand too… we picked out some pretty sweet looking patterns.

The new shower feels like a spa experience every time to step in to it. I love the new shower head, the pressure and flow is divine. The space in the shower is great, even though it’s the same size as it previously was with the tub. It just feels and looks bigger, but it is not. I can say that I don’t miss the tub at all. Baths are nice, but the tub was too small and I like to be fully covered in water… soaker tubs are my favorite. It is now one of my favorite rooms in the house!

More photos of the reno, start to finish, can be viewed on my Flickr photostream.


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