Happy April! It’s Friday once again!

Oh what a week. Allergies are still going nuts (still trying to reassure people I come across that it’s allergies and not a cold), my cousin went in for brain surgery yesterday and it went well (now it’s a waiting game for her recovery) and my sister and I hope to see her tomorrow; I did a good thing and put money away for all the bills in April to be paid.

Now that it’s April, this snow can melt and the warm weather can get on with it. I have yet to wear my flip flops due to the puddles and they’re crying out to see sunshine and warm weather. All 10 pairs. Yes, I have 10 pairs of flip flops. I only buy them at Old Navy in the U.S. because they’re 2/$5 where here, it’s 2/$10. Plus the ones at Old Navy are the only ones that don’t crack the underside of my toes.

So now that it’s Friday, let’s get on with Fill in the Blank Fridays & Five Senses Friday!

1.   The best prank I ever pulled was nothing. I haven’t pulled a prank.
2.  The best prank ever pulled on me was when my grandpa would call us and tell us our fridge was running or the sky was falling. It might not be a “prank”, but to us grandkids it was funny. After he died in 2002, April Fools’ Day is not the same. I miss his calls in the morning.
3.  A day without sunshine  is a day wasted.

4.  The most important things in life are your family and your close knit friends. Nothing else matters unless you have family and friends surrounding you supporting you in everything you do.
5.  I dream of becoming a successful forensic criminalist.
6.  I dread being broke forever and not having the means to pay bills. 

7. A discovery I made this week was no matter how you try to convince people that you really have allergies and not a cold, they will still act like you have the plague. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t cough on your if you were my enemy.
Five Senses Friday

seeing: my computer screen in front of me, a desk cluttered with papers (class assignment, wrist exercises diagram, post it note with class assignment notes) and crumpled used tissue.
coffee I brewed this morning
smelling: nothing. My sinuses are plugged. I’m thankful I can still taste things I eat/drink.
hearing: Lady Gaga on the radio (well live streaming on the internet. I don’t have a radio in my office)
feeling: a little blah because of allergies, nervous because I hope my cousin remembers me when I see her this weekend (I’m a little petrified to be honest), relieved that I have money set aside to pay all the bills this month.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!

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