Minneapolis Vacation, Part Deux.

When I put something in to my mind, it gets stuck there and doesn’t go away until it’s completed. Traveling is one of those things and I put another idea in my head. It now has to be done. I’ve decided that I will be in Minneapolis for the Labour Day weekend to attend the State Fair. My mom is 100% behind it and now we are convincing my dad. The two main expenses would be rental car and hotel stay (we would get one night free since we accumulated points from our stay last summer).

After our trip last summer, my parents definitely want to go back. We had so much fun with our family and friends, ate marvelous food and got to explore the city. Since I will be in school this summer I am unable to travel; however, once classes are finished August 1 I am free to travel. I did some research on the state fair website and found out that they have tons of handicap parking, the fair grounds are handicap accessible, and here’s the best part…. you can rent electric scooters, even reserve them online! My mom was sold, my dad, well… we’re still convincing him. Not only is he worried about affording the car and hotel, he’s also worried that I won’t be able to drive from Winnipeg to Minneapolis in six hours. Yes I can. As long as I can stop at a few rest areas and stretch, I will be fine.

So here’s the plan…. State Fair Labour Day weekend, hang out with family and friends from Minneapolis. Eat glorious food that are on sticks (ahem, beer on a stick… that sold me on the whole fair idea), try new restaurants and bakeries, and just unwind from completing school, not to mention another vacation with my family.

I might not have money now, but gosh darnit… I will by then and I am going. Good thing is if I’m still subbing with the school division, school doesn’t start until Sept 7th (I still have plans to stay with the division, if they let me).

So there you go. I’ve got a plan and I’m sticking to it. I’m going to the fair! I’ve also decided to push Disney World to next year. Minneapolis…. here I come!


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  1. Erik grew up in Minnesota (just outside St. Paul) and he’s been talking about the MN State Fair since our first date (well, not really but pretty close). Keep me posted if you really do go, cuz maybe we will go too! Especially since it’s Labor Day weekend and we have that day off anyway.

    1. Definitely will keep you posted!

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