A vacation is just around the corner

I’ve been keeping a secret. The trip to Minneapolis in September won’t  be my first vacation this year. At the end of next month I am going to Grand Forks for four days to visit family. 49 more sleeps and I’ll be on a mini-vacation. It’s going to be nice to just get away from everything that has been going on the last little while, shop, spend time with my family and just relax.

I love going to Grand Forks. I’ve always said it’s my home away from home and I’m so lucky to have family that lives there. I also love spending time with my little cousins. I’ve always been about family, it was something that was instilled in to me at a young age. I loved the Sunday family gatherings because I got to spend them with my cousins. When I’m in Grand Forks I make sure I get to spend time with the little ones (well they’re not little anymore, 9 and 7); we play street hockey, basketball and ping-pong. My cousin and I go shopping at Target, WalMart, Columbia Mall, Sam’s Club (it’s all about the $9 5lb cheese), Kohl’s (I love the 3/$7 bath towels!) and driving around the city.

This time I plan to explore the city a bit more. My cousin talked about The Toasted Frog (deep fried cheesy pickles), I want to check out some coffee shops and bakeries; take more photos, walk the Greenway (if it’s not still under water by then), have a picnic with the family and just enjoy what Grand Forks has to offer.

Plus, I just like the cheap cereal, liquor and varieties of diet soda. Sierra Mist or Vanilla Root Beer anyone?


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