Summer Goals 2011

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet recently discussed some goals to set for the summer on her blog and encouraged her readers to share this fun idea on their blogs. I took to it. Last summer around here was pretty dismal it was raining all the time and some days were pretty chilly. I had to get out of this province in order to enjoy warm and sunny weather and I found that in Minneapolis.

I’m hoping (as is everyone else) that this summer with offer a bit more warmth, sunny weather and fun times. I’m going to be spending most of my time in school, but I’m hoping that I get to have some fun in the sun.

I want this summer to be rad. Down right rad. With that declaration, here’s my goals for this summer.

1. Go fishing. I haven’t been fishing in years and I miss it. I would go every summer all the time with my parents. We would pack a lunch, head out to our prime fishing spot and just give ‘er. When my grandpa died in 2002 we were given his fishing tackle. I can’t wait to use them. As a little girl, I would sit on the edge of my folding chair watching him fix the lure, put the weights on and select his bait. Fishing with my grandpa was always good times.

2. Go to the beach. I haven’t been to the beach since high school when I went with my best friend Kathy. Once again the province has waved provincial park entrance fees so it’s free! I am going to hit up my favorite spot and enjoy the waves. I’m not a sunner anymore, so I’m going to enjoy the time in the water. With a fabulous hat of course!

3. Summer reading. When I’m in school I don’t read a book for leisure. I have too much to read already, so reading for fun isn’t my idea of fun. This year, I’m going to change it. I’m going to choose one book and finish it over the course of the summer.

4. Family picnics. On our way back from Minneapolis my parents and me stopped at a rest area to have a picnic lunch. It was simply wonderful. We decided that we were going to do this more often. We enjoyed it when I was younger and we were always going on a picnic lunch.

5. If possible, day trip to Grand Forks. I’m already going end of May for a couple of days, but I love going for day trips. Leaving 7am and returning by 8pm. When I travel to Grand Forks I can get some shopping in – clothing, food – eat two wonderful meals (usually grab a light lunch and then eat dinner before we leave), and even say hi to my family. I’ll be busy with school work, but I think going on a Saturday could be possible.

6. Summer festivals. The Morden Corn & Apple Festival is a big one for me. Again, this was a common thing for my family. We get to eat fresh corn and apple cider all day long, while taking in the sights and sounds. It sounds so small town, and it is, but it’s so much fun. Our fridge is always full of fresh corn upon our return.

7. Dining & drinking on the patio. Not my patio, but at a restaurant or cafe. Nothing beats sitting outside to enjoy dinner, dessert or a drink, a group of friends and great conversation. My favorite patio is Tavern United downtown. It’s on the roof and the mosquitoes don’t bother you up there. Plus, it’s a great view of downtown.

8. More time on my patio. Over the last few years due to the less than spectacular weather (it’s either raining or it’s extremely hot), our patio has been neglected. Who doesn’t love eating outside when it’s gorgeous outside? Firing up the grill, placing the plastic plates and cutlery on the table, just relaxing and enjoying what the weather gives you. I know I do. I also love s’mores on a summer evening. We don’t have a fire pit (city law, yard is too small), so we use the barbecue instead. We bring out the bug repellents (usually citronella candles), create our perfect s’mores and listen to the crickets. Yes, we have them in the city too.

9. Get outside more. I plan on buying a bike this summer. I’ve been meaning to do this for the last two years, but never got around to it. This year, I am holding myself to it. My sister wants me to buy one so I can bike with her to the park. I think I’m down for that. I’m also going to go on more walks. It’s much better to walk outside when it’s gorgeous out there instead of driving to a gym.

10. Tend to my garden. I love gardening. Nothing is better than getting dirt and soil underneath your fingernails. Planting your own vegetable garden (home grown butter lettuce for the win!), and planting pretty, pretty flowers. My friend from Texas sends me Bluebonnet seeds every year (I still have a packet!) so I can grow the beautiful flowers every year (the ladybugs love em!). We have to build new planters this year, so that’s another goal.. build them ourselves and then plant our garden. And keep the neighborhood cats out of them.


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