Weekend Recap: I apparently have the power to time warp

Friday night it snowed. Yes, snowed. Remember this post where I mentioned my love for the beautiful flip-flop weather? Well, it quickly ended. I know we can get snow in April but after a long, long snowy winter… we were just about done with it. The snow melted, we pulled out our summer clothes then WHAMM…. This happened.

I apparently have a flux capacitor to engage in time travel. Must have set it to November 2010 when I was tinkering with it in my garage yesterday afternoon. Oops. Sorry.

I had some errands to run Saturday morning – Mom had bloodwork needed to be done, drop off some papers at the accountants (Revenue Canada is seriously screwing with people), Staples for printer paper and then groceries for our dinner/birthday celebration for our dog. He turned six Saturday so he’s getting some vanilla ice cream and strawberries… his favorite! While running said errands I also made a side trip to McDonalds for breakfast on the run. I love their coffee. It’s better than Tim Hortons or Starbucks. No, they didn’t pay me to say that. Although they can supply me with free breakfasts for a while if they wish. Cash is limited for me for a while.

Sunday was well.. Sunday. Didn’t go anywhere, didn’t have to. I spent it studying for the final I wrote on Monday. That was basically it!


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