10 things about me

1. I was a child model, appearing in a national flyer campaign for Superstore. I was the talk of the school for days.

2. I’m highly addicted to Starbucks, so much so that when I can’t afford it I have all the stuff to make iced caramel macchiatos at home.

3. Not only am I related to a former Canadian Prime Minister, but I’m also related to Queen Victoria. We’re still tracing out family tree to find out through who.

4. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 26 years (minus the six months I lived on my own).

5. I’ve been fascinated by law from a young age. I watched Law & Order from its debut (I was 7). I wasn’t supposed to watch it, but I would sneak into the basement to watch. I was never phased by it, understood from a young age that there was violence in the world. For three years I worked alongside our former police chief to help with the relationship between the city’s youth and police department. It was an honor.

6. I am really looking forward to the summer because I really love fishing. We would go fishing almost every week during fishing season, take a picnic and just have fun. This time I get to use my grandpa’s fishing tackle, I can cast the line myself and this time… I won’t freak out over touching the fish. Even though I loved fishing, I didn’t like touching the fish when I reeled them in.

7. I don’t wear makeup. Well, not all the time. My mom told taught me from a young age that you shouldn’t have to feel obliged to wear it all the time, every day, every hour. If you wear it all the time and when you take it off… you’ll look old, haggard and not good even if you’re only 25. Hint: Celebrities without makeup!! I don’t cake it on, I use it to enhance my features. I never go outside during the spring/summer without a good SPF. Mascara and lipgloss are my friends.

8. I can’t cook pancakes. Seriously. It’s taken me all this time to finally good a perfect batch. They either burn or are undercooked. I’ll leave the pancake making to iHop. They seriously have some awesome pancakes.

9. I have an excellent green thumb. My flowers and vegetable plants last a very long time. I love creating lush green space in my yard and look forward to planting once the last frost is done with. I have a secret weapon when it comes to growing vegetables…. you’ll never know.

10. I can’t ice skate. For my life. I can’t ice skate, rollerblade or rollerskate. I don’t know if it’s my balance or my weak ankles. My parents bought me a pair of skates when I was five, but never got good use out of them. I also bruise easy so I avoid ice skating when possible. Couldn’t skate even though I had pipe dreams of being a famous figure skater. Go figure.


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