Ten on Tuesday & Fill in the Blank Friday a few days late….

As mentioned in my last blog entry I’m a little busy so these are a few days late. Better late than never, right?

Ten on Tuesday… er, the following Monday.

1. What is the weather like in your city today?
Rainy. Rain showers. They bring May flowers, right? Even though it’s not April.

2. Do you like the zoo?
Not ours. It’s been the same since I was a kid, nothing has changed. Although that is soon changing. We’re getting a state of the art polar bear exhibit which will allow patrons to watch the polar bears swim in the water from underground views. The whole zoo will be getting an overhaul. However we do have the Tropical House back and we have Toucans! I want to see them. I loved visiting the Tropical House as a kid, sans the huge boa constrictor that was in there. I ran right past it.

3. Do you eat coconut?
Yes. I love coconut! Macaroons are my favorite.

4. Have you ever hammered a nail? Are you good at it?
Yes. My dad was in to woodworking as a hobby when I was growing up so he always gave me small pieces of wood and a few nails to hammer. My paternal grandmother bought me a woodworking set for kids – mini hammer, saw, sander, wrench, screwdriver. It was so cute. I even managed to hammer a nail straight through the wood and into the cement steps. I got Superman strength, yo!

5. Does your family have a vacation destination that you visit often?
When I was a kid it was Milwaukee. We went every year until my sister was born and then we only went once (plus the Canadian dollar tanked after that making travel impossible for us). We have family living there so it was nice to go every year and it was something that I looked forward too. It’s going to be out of the question this year, but next year I would love to go back. I miss walking on the shores of Lake Michigan and eat brawts every night for dinner.

6. How many pillows do you sleep with?
Two. It used to be three because of my asthma, but I think I might have to go back to three because of my sinuses. But we’ll see. Two is perfect for my neck right now.

7. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Bathroom. Doesn’t everyone use the bathroom when they wake up?

8. Will you send your kids to summer camp?
Not sure. I never went, so we’ll see when that train enters the station.

9. What do you put in your baked potatoes?
Margarine, cheese, light sour cream and bacon bits if I have. I had a baked potato the other night (well, more like nuked because the oven wasn’t baking my potato for some odd reason), sans bacon bits, and it was divine.

10. Did you take swimming lessons as a kid?
Yes, it was a requirement. I think every child should take swimming lessons. Although I failed the Maroon level (back then it went by colors… one step away from Blue, finishing it all), I can swim. I failed because I couldn’t properly do a front stroke or back stroke (my arms didn’t rotate properly as a kid). I still can’t move my arms that way, but I can execute the front and back stroke!

Fill in the Blank Friday…. on Monday.
1.   What I love most about my home is it’s a home and feels like it. It feels lived in. I’ve been in a few homes where it feels like a show home and doesn’t have that lived in feeling. It’s comfy, it’s warm, it’s inviting and I love it.

2.  I’m excited because, I’m back in school and my trip to Grand Forks is coming up soon!

3.  My preferred method for blowing  off steam when I’m frustrated is having a good cry. Sometimes you need it.

4.  Currently I am craving  a good nights sleep. The last week has been hard and exhausting.

5.  The thing I love most about my mom is  she always put us first, sacrificing everything for us. My mom didn’t get a chance to pamper herself, have time for herself (that I can remember) and it is something that I appreciate. Her main focus was to make sure her children grew up in a safe environment, that they honed their education skills and that they turned out to be polite and caring human beings. While we have our flaws, I think we turned out pretty well and it’s thanks to my mom… and our dad! Even though her children are grown, my mom still cares about us and makes sure our well being is being taken care of. A mother’s job is never done.

6.  If I was going to write a book about my life, the title would be… Sorry, can’t tell you because I am actually writing a book on my life and I already have a title picked out.

7.  If I were to eat one thing for the rest of eternity it would be pasta. I’m addicted to carbs and addicted to pasta. Anything pasta. Anything Italian. Growing up next to an Italian family, I was introduced to the cuisine at a very young age. My Nana (we call her that… she is like a grandmother to us) made sure we always ate and it was always homemade Italian food. I can still taste the fresh spaghetti, mouth watering lasagna and melt in your mouth bread.


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