Short weekend review

I didn’t really do much besides studying. I really want to get at least a 60% or more on this upcoming test on Tuesday, so I’ve been busy making sure I understand concepts, key terms and well… basically everything I failed to learn the last three times taking this class.

This time around I am giving myself study time deadlines. Instead of studying all day with small breaks, I am giving myself a set time to study to and then that’s it for the day. Yesterday when I woke up I found that I remembered a lot more than when I used to cram, cram, cram. Bonus for me.

Saturday night I did manage to give myself a facial, pedicure and a mini-manicure (no polish). All this while watching “The Break Up” (I love Vince Vaughn) and “Clueless”.

Sunday was spent studying as well, but since Friday I headed to Starbucks all weekend for the Happy Hour frap. Hey, when I can finally afford a frap… I can finally afford a frap! Anyone else in love with the Coconut Creme frap? Mmm, delicious.

Now that it’s Monday I’m back to studying and I’m also counting down the days until it’s Wednesday next week. Really looking forward to this trip.


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