Confidence will lead to success

It’s no secret that I’m kind of slow when there’s a lot of information to learn. I’ve always been a smart kid when it comes to academics and even though I am a quick learner, there are just some things, concepts, that will take me a while to understand and nail in to my pretty brain. Sometimes it will take me a long time, like a really long time.

Last year I was still fuzzy on everything I learned in Research Methods class. That was the third time I took it. Now that this is the fourth time, I confidently said “fourth time is the charm”. Our instructor was nice enough to print out key terms that will appear on tonight’s test. Not all of them, but some of them. She said “once you get these down, you’ll do fabulous on the test.” I really appreciate her help. She knows how much I struggle and in the study class we had Thursday she took the time to help me when I had trouble understanding some key concepts.

To help me better understand these terms, I created flash cards. I had some left from last year, but when I took a look at them they were so complicated and many terms were wrong. She likes to put them in simplest terms, so I scratched what I had from last year, fixed them all.

This morning I sat down with my pile – 61 cards in total. Out of those 61 cards, I am fuzzy on only 10 key terms.

HUGE FEAT! WIN! Only ten!

I am hoping that I knock it out of the park tonight on the test. I really want to pass this class with at least a 60%. I know for sure that come the second term, I have to really study and really ask for help because it’s the stats part with complicated formulas. Complicated formulas and I do not mix.

I am so pumped about this test that I have this song running through my head. It’s making me confident in my work and now I’m so ready to do this!

Hopefully next Tuesday I find out my mark. The test is out of 75 and worth 18.75% of my final grade. I CAN DOOOO EEEET!


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