I’m a little bit clumsy….

(sung in the tune of “I’m a little bit Country”) and I went and smashed my baby toe.

Yesterday while grocery shopping, I smashed my baby toe in to the shopping cart. I was wearing flip flops so, yeah… I was in pain, toe turned purple immediately and was swollen with in seconds. I think I either smashed it on the wheel or the lug nut attached to the wheel. This morning I woke up and it looks like someone colored the tip of the toe purple and it is still swollen. Last night I had to take Advil to take the pain away.

But I’m getting through it. I’ve broken a toe before so I know how to get through it. I went for a walk this afternoon with my dog and pushed through the pain and uncomfortable feeling inside of my runner.

I think I need to wrap my feet in bubble wrap. But at least the lovely shade of purple goes with my pretty red painted nails. There’s always a positive side to something.


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