Things that I loved about this week

This week was simply amazing. The weather was beyond gorgeous and I just enjoyed the week in whole. I’ve also been counting town my vacation to Grand Forks and the girl’s night out with L.L. and her friend before they fly off to Vegas. I’m even more pumped about this weekend because it’s a long weekend! Monday is a holiday in Canada (no work or school) and while the weather might not be special (it was originally supposed to be stormy, but now they changed it to sunny and 15C/58F), it is still a long weekend! Plus, there’s only five more days until our trip. Whoop, whoop!

Here is a list of things that I have loved about this week:

  • The weather (+20C plus!)
  • Feeling confident about the test I wrote on Tuesday
  • Walks with my dog
  • Preparing for my vacation (thank you amazing Canadian dollar price!)
  • Enjoying frozen yogurt on a beautiful day
  • Sitting outside, getting some sun after a very long winter
  • Grilling almost every day
  • Driving with the windows down in the car

Yup, pretty much it’s all weather related! Seriously, we did have what seemed like a very long winter and for the weather to finally cooperate AND to have the windows open at night, makes me feel so good. It seriously perks up my mood.

This weekend I plan working in the yard, cleaning the patio (putting out the patio furniture), cleaning the flower beds/boxes to prepare for beautiful flowers and veggies, hauling out the balcony boxes and planting flowers (need to find my Lupines first), changing the tires on my car from winter to all seasons) and enjoying the long weekend! I might even take in Family Day at Assiniboine Park!

What are your plans for this weekend?


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