Rainy Long Weekend Recap

That was Friday night around 9pm. It went from still being light outside to pure darkness. But don’t let those clouds fool you, it didn’t do a damn thing until around midnight… sans thunder. It just rained. Disappointing.

Friday was really warm (+26C) and muggy because it briefly rained at noon. We caved and switched on the AC…. I don’t mind if it’s +26C without it being muggy, but when humidity is factored in, I can’t take it. I did manage to go for a short walk with my dog twice yesterday – noon and then after dinner. Later that evening sister and me sat outside enjoying the cooler weather.

Saturday. Oh, Saturday. Rainy. Dreary. Good time to get started on school assignments before my trip. I have a PowerPoint assignment for one class and then an essay for another. If I don’t get them done before tomorrow, then I can finish them the day after I get home. Saturday my sister and me went to WalMart to pick up a few household items and when we were cashing out, there was a huge coupon debacle. The CSM (customer service manager) said I couldn’t stack my coupons (I wasn’t) and they told me to choose my coupons, and I also had to pay full price on both items to get my free item. Not only that, the cashier took 10 minutes to read the three coupons I handed her. I left fuming… bad customer service. After that we went to the grocery store to finish our list and we had a hilarious conversation about the “world ending” with the deli service clerk. It was very hilarious.

Sunday I went back to WalMart to speak with a manager. Ended up speaking with a customer service manager and sorting out the coupon issue. Turns out I was right and the cashier and CSM on duty should have let me use it. I had a BOGO and a $3.00 off coupon for Purex laundry soap. They agreed with me that I wasn’t stacking and the coupons should have been honored. I walked out with the soap I should have had the day before. I came home not expecting to do anything. It was Sunday, I was resting. Then L.L. had a plea that she needed someone to run an errand for her. I wasn’t doing anything so I helped her out. She was working until 6 and couldn’t go grocery shopping (stores close here at 6pm). The rad friend I am, I offered my services and went for her. It wasn’t much and it’s returning the favor. When I was living on my own and returned back to my apartment after hurting my back, she did grocery shopping for me so… I didn’t mind. For the exchange I got gas money, after filling up I went to Starbucks. It was becoming humid outside. Now it’s cool again. Oi, weather.

Monday Holiday day. When it’s a stat holiday and you’re not required to work, nor are things open, your mind feels like doing nothing. But things needed to be done. I needed to finish a computer assignment and get started on the Geography assignment. I completed the computer assignment and managed to get half way through the Geography assignment before calling it a day. I also managed to get some things packed and ready, with most of it being done Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. I’ve washed towels and folded two to put in the suitcase; electronic stuff is ready to go such as charge chords, travel toiletries are packed and ready to go. The rest of the day I spent relaxing and enjoying the holiday.

What did you do this weekend?


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