Fill in the Blank Friday… I’m on vacation!

Yup. I’m on vacation, which means, this post is pre-scheduled. Since it’s pre-scheduled I pulled a FITBF I haven’t participated in and posting it now. Have a great weekend!

1. My favorite part of the continental breakfast is the cereal bar. They usually have my favorite cereals, the sugary kind, and I typically don’t eat them at home.

2. When traveling, I always bring with me iPod, a magazine, a book and a camera. If I’m not driving, I like to read to kill the time.

3. When traveling, the first place I stop at is Starbucks. I need java after driving a long distance for a pick me up or a cool frap to cool me down if it’s warm out.

4. My favorite place to visit is Minneapolis and Grand Forks because both cities remind me of home, but on a much larger and much smaller scale.

5. One place I want to visit is Istanbul because I studied Byzantine history and fell in love. Istanbul (Constantinople) developed the Western world. It’s simply beautiful…. the Hagia Sofia  and the Bosporus.

6. My favorite girls trip destination would be Disney World because everyone would say Vegas. I think it would be a riot if I went to Disney with my girls.

7. My favorite trip as a child was Milwaukee because I loved the road trips with my family. One year my aunt came with us and we had a blast. Some of my best memories are from road trips.


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