Ten on Tuesday… Summer Vacation Edition

1. From your childhood, what do you miss most about summer vacation?
We typically took two weeks so I miss two weeks of visiting family in the U.S. I miss checking out library books and reading them while we travel. I also miss that summer vacation seemed to go by so incredibly slow.

2. Are you going anywhere on vacation this summer?
If money allows it I’ll probably go back to Grand Forks, but my next “big trip” is Minneapolis in September and hopefully meeting Allison from Lemonade Life at the Minnesota State Fair!

3. What foods do you like to barbecue?
Kebabs, steal, chicken

4. How do you celebrate the fourth of July?
We don’t celebrate the 4th since I’m Canadian. We celebrate July 1st which is Canada Day. I don’t know if I’ll go to my aunts and watch the fireworks this year, I think I’ll have my own little shindig in the back yard. Gives me a reason to spruce it up and make it look pretty! I have always wanted to road trip to the U.S. for the 4th to watch fireworks. Not sure if I’ll do it this year, but I would love to next year… and include a stop at Mount Rushmore!

5. What’s your favorite beverage to drink in the summertime?
Iced Tea, but if it’s super hot I like water.

6. What movie are you looking forward to seeing this summer?
Transformers 3. Oh yeah!

7. In the car: windows down or AC?
In the city, windows down. On a road trip, the AC.

8. Have you ever had a summer fling?

9. Do you wear sunscreen?
Yes. Everyone should. Skin cancer isn’t sexy. Ask my dad. He’ll tell you.

10. Do you have any favorite summertime activities?
Water balloons with the kids, barbecuing, picnics in the park, driving around the city with all the windows down, road trips, carnivals.


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