A walk down memory lane

It’s reunion time. Well, should have had the 10 year reunion last year but Facebook has really kept me in touch with all my classmates from back then. It is my high school’s 60th Anniversary and last night was a social (really, a big party with dancing, eating and booze), with an open house today. I didn’t go last night but I did go to the open house today and I’m really glad I did. I remembered a lot of great things but I wish my friend Alex was there with me. He was a big part of making my high school experience enjoyable and I think he would have had a kick of walking the halls once again.

The cafeteria has a lot of memories. Everyone hung out here during morning breaks and ate some delicious, delicious, homemade cheesebuns from a special recipe. They were being sold today, but not for the price from when I was there. We would sit here at lunch and listen to the school radio; I frequently ate chicken fingers and fries (they were so good) cooked by the culinary students. This is also where I had an unopened Pepsi can thrown in my direction (meant to hit someone else) and it made contact with my cheek. I had soft tissue damage and an X-Ray showed that any harder and it would have broken my cheekbone. I had a black eye for a couple of days. It was horrible.

The library. I was here all the time. All. The. Time. I spent many lunch hours here with my friends, I was quite the nerd so you could always find me here. I was either doing research, working on assignments or studying. I always had a book in my hand or in my awesome Five-Star zip up binder (those were all the rage… did you have one?) and I was chattering away with the librarians.

Seeing my locker once again actually brought a lot of emotions today. Alex’s locker was across the hall and kiddy corner to mine, so I had to hold back a lot of tears when I was standing in front of them. I am sure he was standing behind me having a good laugh. I shared my locker with my best friend, Kathy. My locker was supposed to be in the basement next to my homeroom, but Kathy let me share with her on the third floor. By the end of the school year it was packed with crap, not only ours but others too. I don’t know why, but others shared our locker too. L.L. had her blanket in there that she brought for Field Day. Our locker was an abyss of people’s stuff.

English class. One of my favorite classes and where my English teacher gave many encouraging words to keep up with my writing. Thinking back, I think we actually did more talking in this class than reading or writing. It was a fun class. I loved our debates before we got down to the nitty-gritty…. One memorable debate was about euthanasia. Then, out of no where, a classmate said “Why are we talking about kids in Asia?!” I kid you not, it happened. He thought we were talking about the youth, in Asia. It was definitely an LOL moment.

It was a great hour of reminiscing and sitting with two friends in one of our old classrooms. High school wasn’t that bad, it eventually ended and look at where I am now. High school gave me a lot of great memories, a lot of great friends and experiences I can take with me anywhere.

Are you due for a high school reunion? If yes, will you be attending? If not, why not? What’s your one pet peeve about reunions?


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