Booyah. This is what happens when you don’t listen…

Remember how I’m always saying make sure you slap on sunscreen because skin cancer isn’t pretty? Remember how I say to keep your sun exposure to a minimum and always cover up if you have to go out?

I did not listen to my own advice.

I mentioned it briefly in this post about being sunburned. My sister and me left our house at noon and the sky was pretty cloudy with storm clouds and it briefly rained before we left. We got to the festival site and it was still cloudy and cool. I had my hoodie with me, so I spent about an hour or so covered up. Then the clouds parted and the sky opened up… full sunshine, full on heat. I knew that I would be sunburned but didn’t know the extent. I finally got out of the sun and sat in the shade down by the river for a while (it was so much better down there). Then I got in my car, cranked the AC and headed home.

I was burnt to a crisp. Face beet red, arms and chest. On went the aloe vera, in went a lot of water (I was saved from heat/sun stroke because I was drinking water while at the festival) and Advil to reduce pain and inflammation and I buried myself in cold cloths. I also took a tepid shower to help start the cooling process.

All was fine and dandy until yesterday. My mom and sister said my face was swollen. I didn’t see it. My face looked fine. It was just red and sore from the burn. I kept applying aloe vera and cold compresses to reduce that. Then again today they said it was swollen. I finally looked in a mirror in the afternoon – holy crap on a stick, my face is swollen. It looks like someone put me through the wringer. No, seriously. I think it’s also from sleeping on my face. I sleep on my tummy (my most comfortable position due to my bad back) and all that swelling exploded.

Take a look. You might want to tell your children to move to another room… it might scar them for life.

The bridge of my nose is what is really swollen. That is why my eyes look swollen. I’ve already taken Advil and I am alternating with ice packs.

I have an interview later today. It’s going to take a lot of concealer to fix this. I need a glam squad. And to be smarter about the sun. Next time, even if there’s a monsoon outside I am putting sunscreen on. My stupid, stupid mistake.

Note: So I went to the doctor’s today and guess what I found out. The swelling is partially from the sunburn, but the remainder is from a possible sinus infection. I took a snort of Nasonex and within five minutes my sinuses drained (they were plugged 100%) and the swelling went down 25% and it’s still going down. I’ve had bloodwork taken to see if there’s any additional inflammation and an x-ray of the sinuses. I should hear something back tomorrow. My doctor said the reason I haven’t been feeling any pain in the sinuses is because of the sunburn pain masking it and the Advil reducing it.


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