‘Round here….

The typical person would be afraid to post a picture like this, but I have no shame fear. This was me Wednesday afternoon as I sit in the doctor’s office and wait for him to come in. That morning I woke up with my right eye swollen shut and crusty. I was damn miserable and about to burst in to tears (if my right eye could produce any). I had to cancel an interview I was to have later that day and get in to the doctor’s as soon as I could. I was petrified. Was the sunburn really this bad that it made my face swollen? Turns out, no (as I alluded in this post). The doctor suspected a sinus infection that I couldn’t feel festering in my right sinus cavities because of the sunburn being so painful and skin numbing. I had blood work and x-rays. Later that night I shoved some nasal spray in my nose and within two minutes, the swelling went down. It declined as the night went on.

Yesterday morning as I get ready for work, the swelling was starting to look better but the bridge of my nose was still swollen and under my eyes were puffy. I left a message with my dad to call my doctor to tell him of new symptoms that popped up over night and see if he wanted to prescribe me antibiotics. Turns out there is an infection and he send a prescription to the pharmacy. It was the wrong pharmacy and antibiotics that I’m allergic to. Yeah, my doctor nearly killed me. So after it was sent to the right pharmacy with the right prescription, I am now on antibiotics for the next five days (it’s a strong dose that works for five days after I stop taking the medication).  Now that I can blow my nose with no issue, the swelling is going down. Hooray. I’m no longer miserable.

So besides this debacle, what has been going on?

+ I had issues in one class with my student website. Something wasn’t working and it was taking me a week to work on this issue. IT wasn’t a help and it was becoming frustrating. I finally figured out the other day what was wrong (my links were missing something) and I contacted the instructor about it. I received an F because he couldn’t access the files within the website and I was pretty bummed. He said that he would re-mark it but I would be deduced marks for it being “late”. I received 70%. Pretty darn awesome.

+ I am finally get more work hours. I asked for it and it happened. Next week I’m working back where I was working last summer and I’m pretty stoked about it. I love working with that department so I’m so happy to be going back.

+ School is going pretty good, but I missed two class this week because on Tuesday I had no idea what was going on with my face and I couldn’t see very well out of my right eye because it was so swollen. I didn’t go yesterday because of the same issue and I was feeling pretty icky. I was able to get through a morning of work, but I had to come home and rest. Passing more classes, 70% on the first Geography assignment. Excellent.

+ Even though the funds are low and I can’t really go anywhere, I’m getting out of the house. Last Sunday was the Pride Parade, Saturday I went looking for plans and flowers for the garden. While I plan on studying for a few hours tomorrow, I still plan on doing stuff this weekend – fishing is free in the province this weekend (meaning no licence required), so sister and I decided that Sunday we’re going fishing. We haven’t been since we were kids and we really miss it. More so since our grandpa died in 2002 because we always went fishing with him. Of course our parents were with us, but our grandpa was always there on every single fishing trip. My grandpa (along with my dad) taught me how to cast the line, put the bait on and would tease me because I hated touching the fish but loved fishing. When he died my dad was willed all of his fishing gear… we cannot wait to use it. It will be like he’s there fishing with us. I know he would if he were still alive. Fishing was his favorite pastime.

+ We’re embracing the soon to be season that we like to call summer. Even though the weather hasn’t been spectacular, we’re calling it summer in hopes it goes that way. We’re barbecuing a lot, eating a lot of light dishes instead of the typical fill-you-up-because-it’s-winter-dishes, preparing our yard for beautification – giving the patio a good clean, scrubbing the patio furniture, cleaning the veggie boxes and buying veggies and plants. I’m looking forward to growing lettuce, herbs and tomatoes.

I’m just looking forward to the weekend. It’s going to busy, but I am also going to find some time to relax. ‘Round here, relaxing is the way to go.

What have you been doing lately?


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