Grand Forks vacation review….

So I finally got around to writing this post. A weekend of doing nothing and having nothing plan kinda lets you do that. I have to say that I had so much fun while in Grand Forks last month. I got to spend a girl’s night with my friends and then a great few days with my family. Everyone should have a mini vacation… it’s good for your soul. I did a lot of relaxing and spent a lot of time with the family. Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Paradiso, Happy Harry’s (liquor store) were all on the list of places I went. My next visit is end of July and I am looking forward to it. I’m  hoping to do a little more, but this time… the free edition. I’m only going to allow myself to spend so much money on dining out and treat myself to a pedicure and manicure… maybe even a cut and color. I want to pamper myself! Another girl’s weekend, perhaps?

We got in to Grand Forks around dinner time. After checking in to the hotel and dropping off the luggage, we headed out for dinner at Paradiso. Afterward we headed to Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop for liquor to take back to the room and watch a hockey game. The next day I dropped the girls off at the airport and headed to my cousin’s work to pick up the house key. After that I went to pick up lunch and then came back home (home = their place). I spent the afternoon relaxing as I had the house to myself until 3pm when the eldest little cousin came home from school. It was the last day of school for them so he was dismissed early. We sat and watched TV until his mom came home, followed by his dad.

Friday morning I spent with the eldest little cousin. We went out shopping and then for lunch at McDonald’s. We also were out in the middle of a monsoon. It poured and poured real bad. That evening we spend relaxing at home. Saturday was a fun day – my cousin had booked us a pedicure that I didn’t even know about that she treated me too. First we all headed over to Sam’s Club for some grocery shopping, after that it was girls time. The pedicure was AMAZING. I’m going back for another next month. Yeah, it’s that awesome. After the pedicure we headed to Cold Stone for ice cream… gotta love coupons!

Sunday was a sad day. It was the day we left for back home. I picked the girls up from the airport around 1 and then we headed back home. I seriously had so much fun that I wanted to turn around and go back… I didn’t want to leave. Now I’m looking forward to the end of July when a cousin will be coming down with me and then the three of us can have a girls day at the nail salon. Seriously looking forward to it. Maybe we can even spend that night going out for dinner and drinks. LOVE IT!

Rachel chatting on her phone

Morris River at Morris, MB. Water was pretty high. A week before this the river was over the road.

L.L. and Rachel in the middle of a serious conversation.

Wind farm outside of Letellier, MB. It reminded me of the movie “Mac & Me”

Duty Free. I always stop here. Don’t really buy anything, it’s just a bathroom break.

So I lied. I did buy something… cashews. They were tasty!

Beautiful skies in North Dakota. What do you see?

American Sugar Co. When they boil the sugar beets, it smells like cotton candy. Deliciousness.

Dinner with the girls at Paradiso. Obviously my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Couldn’t finish it.

Delicious, delicious liquor. Pre-mixed Blue Hawaiian. My love.

Cheap liquor. I checked out our liquor store to see how much it is here.. $29. No lie. Guess where I’m going back to….

Bedroom suite of our hotel room. I gave the duvet to L.L. because I get super hot in the middle of the night.

A week before the trip I was craving a slice of cake. Wasn’t specific, just wanted cake. I went to Walmart and bought cake. I went perfectly with a $5 black forest ham sandwich from Subway.

Empire theater, downtown Grand Forks. On the way to drop off my little cousin at a birthday party.

Flags blowing in the wind. Waiting as my cousin drops of her son.

Photo op. After this my little cousin said, “Why are you taking a picture of the garbage can?” He doesn’t know that I like to take pictures of anything.

Part of my shopping haul at Tarjay… All the kinds of Chex available (Canada JUST got Chex and we only have Rice and Honey & Oat), Yoplait and Chobani (not pictured). I think I had beans in the cart too.

Spent the Friday morning with the eldest little cousin. We went to sporting goods store and at one they had  putting area to try out putters. Good shot, kid!

New season of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. I have no idea when Canada will get it, so it was nice to watch it while I was there! That Christening was NUTS!

Friday night relaxing… Saturday night I watched a “Storm Chasers” marathon. I got hooked on it, now I watch it here.

Sam’s Club. I go for the 5lb cheese which costs $10. Here it’s $30. Crazy, I know.

Lunch at Sam’s Club before the girls out afternoon. Polish sausage with kraut and a super large Cherry Coke (only size they have). Deelish!

Pretty toes after an AMAZING pedicure. Best pedicure I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in Grand Forks and need a pedicure, check out Oh Nails on 32nd Avenue S. & S. 42nd Street.

Picking up L.L. & Rachel from the world’s smallest airport. Seriously. You walk in and check-in, security/departures & arrivals are all in the same spot. It’s also amusing to watch people take their shoes off and then put them on again. Stupid shoe bomber.

Not pictured was a visit from my cousin’s brother. He’s a pilot and was able to snag a flight from Chicago to Fargo and drove up to Grand Forks on that Saturday. He spent the afternoon with us and we had a nice barbecue steak dinner followed by fruit and angel food cake for dessert. I haven’t seen him in a few years so it was nice to spend some time chatting with him.


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