Summer Treats: Homemade Sweet Tea

I love iced tea. It’s the perfect summer treat to cool down while relaxing in the backyard. Typically I buy a powder mix or a frozen blend, but this time I decided to make homemade sweet tea. When in the U.S. I find there’s a huge difference between our iced tea and their iced tea. I find that their iced tea is real brewed tea, unsweetened.

This recipe is pretty simple and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.


Brew your favorite tea. It could be green tea, regular Pekoe tea, apricot tea…. the possibilities are endless. Chill in fridge over night. Add 1/3 cup of lemon juice or slice up a whole lemon. Add sweetener, sugar, agave… whatever sweetener you like to make it sweet, to your glass. My parents are diabetic so I don’t add sugar to it. Place pitcher in fridge to keep chilled.

It’s very tasty and a great way to cool down on a warm day like today.


1 thought on “Summer Treats: Homemade Sweet Tea”

  1. Your tea looks delicious.
    Please do not be offended, this is a mere suggestion. I often cringe when I read or when people refer to people as being ‘diabetic’. Indeed a diabetes is a very serious problem in our society. I personally find the term ‘diabetic’ dehumanizing. I do not think people generally refer to people with cancer as ‘canceretic’ or people with alzheimer’s as ‘alzheimeric’. I had a friend who had schizophrenia and did not like being called a ‘schizo’ or even a schizophrenic. I was a researcher for a project a few years back and I interviewed people with diabetes. A few people did not like the label because it presented them as a disease and not a human-being. After learning their perspective (including my friend with schizophrenia), I try not to use terms that takes away perspectives of being a real person. Just my perspective.

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