Weekend Recap: It sucked!

That is how I spent my holiday weekend… on the couch. The entire freaking weekend. I was on self-appointed bed rest because of my sciatic nerve. THE NERVE OF IT!

Friday was so-so. I was able to get through the day with our barbecue, prepping for it… but as the night went on the pain was starting to become intolerable. I went to bed hoping it would go away.


I woke up Saturday morning in a lot of pain. I couldn’t walk properly, my leg wouldn’t move the way it should, I couldn’t lift it to climb the stairs… I was pretty dependent on my dad’s chair lift. Pretty sad, huh? I was on pain killers all weekend, Monday I was on couch rest as well.

Sciatica is really cramping my style. Staring at the ceiling is becoming old.


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