And then the world gasped.

(Please don’t hate me.)

Whether or not you have been following the Casey Anthony trial, I think anyone can say that they were shocked that a verdict of “not guilty” was brought back by the jury.

Except for me. As much as I wanted a guilty verdict to be read, for at least homicide, I knew a guilty verdict of murder one or two would not be found today. I was shocked about the not guilty verdict for child abuse and endangerment. I thought for sure there would be some conviction for child endangerment/abuse.

Why? Circumstantial evidence. The evidence in this case was way too circumstantial to evoke a murder one verdict. The prosecution could not prove how she died, nor motive (although you don’t need motive for a murder conviction); however they did prove that she was a liar. The prosecution could not find one single piece of evidence that tied Casey to the death of her child. There could be numerous reasons why they didn’t have that key piece of evidence:

  1. Time. Caylee was found six months after she was finally reported missing. It is true when it is said that the first 48 hours is crucial in a homicide case. After the first 48, evidence can be destroyed or degraded and the suspect could be long gone. Six months is enough time for evidence to disintegrate.
  2. Weather conditions. Florida is hot, muggy, and rainy. Evidence ca melt, disintegrate and be washed away.
  3. Wildlife. Florida is ripe with snakes, crocs, etc. I don’t think I need to go any further.
  4. Destruction of evidence. It happens. And sometimes that key piece is gone because the suspect destroyed it.

There’s a plethora of reasons, and all we can do is speculate. Do I feel that she is guilty, absolutely. We cannot convict people based on theory, if that were true I could have some people convicted of crimes if I tried. The downside to actually convicting people based on circumstance is there are a lot of people sitting in prison who are actually innocent (not saying Casey is). It’s tricky and it’s hard. Even though there is outrage, the jury was right. They followed the law and made a decision based upon it. We can only imagine how difficult it was for them, with emotions running high they had to judge this case on evidence and not feelings. If it was the latter, we all know that the outcome would have been completely different.

Dear Caylee,

I am so sorry that justice was not found for you today. I hope that your soul can rest despite this outcome. I hope that one day we can find out the truth and that everyone can heal is some way. Beautiful little girl, please rest in peace.