Weekend Recap: I’m Mrs. Extra-Extra this just in!

I love Britney. She was here on the 4th and I was unable to go. I didn’t have the money and when I did, the ticket 50% sale was over. Trés sad. But I did have fun in 2009 when I went to Grand Forks with friends to see her.

This weekend was actually pretty good. Another weekend to put in the books! It was awesome because I had money to do stuff and it felt great to get all my bills paid and have enough at the end to pamper myself and buy stock up on necessities I really need.

Friday I had to run errands as I had a dentist bill I had to pay that was overdue since March (eh, stuff happens). The dentist was super nice about it since I’ve been going there since I was 4 and have NEVER been delinquent on a bill. $59.23 out of my pocket. Well, at least I’m all paid up and they won’t deny me if I need their services. (Yes I do have insurance, that was the remaining balance after insurance covered it) After coming home for lunch (decided not to eat out since I’m going out later this week with Kyla) I headed back out to do some grocery shopping. Later that night I tried my hand at making black bean burgers. Didn’t turn out well but they were delicious.

Saturday was declared “Pamper Me” day. I am so glad that I had the means to do this, because it was really warranted. I had planned on going to the Farmer Market, but decided not to. Instead I slept in, made a delicious breakfast when I woke up and then headed to my massage. I receive massage therapy for my back, but it was also nice to just have a massage. Later that afternoon I finally was able to get a hair cut. My hair has been unruly since its last cut last summer (or fall, I can’t remember). Because my hair is so thick it grows in heavy at the bottom that it can’t be tamed. No matter what I do, it doesn’t work. The only necessary step was to get it thinned out… and I love my cut. It’s so light weight and looks so chic! Later that evening I planned on having some scrumptious adult beverages but the slush mix I purchased hadn’t set. Apparently it takes 24 hours to set. Poo. Had to wait until Sunday. Oh well.. Happy Hour & Big Brother! Thumbs up! I ended up watching “Burlesque”. Turns out I actually liked the movie.

My massage therapists’ dogs. They’re so cute. One is missing (sitting next to me on the sofa)

The new do. Excuse the dirty mirror.

Sunday School assignments, helping dad in the garage, slushy adult drinks, cheese filled sausages, Big Brother (anyone else slightly annoyed that Branchel are back?) and True Blood. It’s a good TV night!

Today I have a job interview and I am so psyched about it. It’s for a job that I didn’t think I was considered for (applied before my May vacation) and it popped up out of the blue on Friday! Is it too premature to say this is a good sign?

How was your weekend? What did you do that you really enjoyed?


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